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Everyone here has had the same experience as my husband and me. We bought Cardinals/49ers tickets back on Aug. 29, and didn't receive them the next week. I called Jeff and he said season tickets were sold in two halves, and since our tickets were for the 2nd half of the season, we could expect them at the end of Oct. Not being a frequent consumer for events like this and trusting that someone like him who deals with these things all the time, I believed him. My husband thought it was odd. Well, Oct. came and went but still no tickets. (In the meantime, we'd already told my sister and her family what they were getting for Christmas (the tickets), and they were floored. So excited!) I called Jeff. He said it was odd because he'd sent out all the other tickets from that particular group, and he didn't know what happened. (Wouldn't he realize he was missing tickets as he sent out all others?) He said give him a few days. We did, and it was hard getting a hold of him. He doesn't answer phones well, especially if he knows someone is getting close to discovering he's a FRAUD. Eventually, my SISTER got a hold of him- he didn't recognize her AZ phone number and picked up. He said he'd check on the order. She actually got a hold of him a second time, and he said he'd track down the tickets or upgrade to better. We believed him. Time was getting closer and closer to Nov. 29, and still no tickets. I called TicketZoom, and they were of no help. Cooper, a mini-supervisor there was COMPLETELY unsympathetic and washed his hands of the situation and wasn't willing to call Jeff's cell phone number for me since it was a Sunday and they'd already left a message on Jeff's office phone. The Friday before the game, I spoke to John at TicketZoom, who is just a regular customer service rep, but he will forever be my favorite. He was so understanding and kind, talked to his supervisor Jackie who already knew of our situation. They were still unsuccessful in trying to reach Jeff as he was obviously now screening their calls as well, and TicketZoom told me they had pulled all of his inventory off their website. That was great for potential customers, but didn't help me get tickets for my family. Cooper, the *** mini mentioned before, told me TicketZoom wouldn't get me new tickets until the day of the game if I still hadn't received Jeff's.

Well, we never did hear from Jeff the thief. My husband and now unemployed and Jeff would've made off with over $400 if CapitalOne hadn't refunded our $. TicketZoom got us more tickets from a seller named AFM Tickets (they were great sellers), and TZ gave us a discount as well. The tickets were e-tickets, and after all we'd been through, with Jeff telling he could get us e-tickets as well, we were nervous the whole day. I had my sister on the phone while they were in the security line waiting to to into the stadium, nervous that the tickets would end up being fakes or something. The happy ending is that our family got in, my sister got to watch Steve Young broadcast for MNF, and they all got to enjoy their first football game together, with my sister and niece rooting for the 49ers, and my brother-in-law and nephew cheering on their Cardinals.

My husband and I have both left Jeff messages, telling him he's a crook, thief, and liar. And we don't know how he can live with himself stealing from people. We've also told him we'll be praying for him, because someone that can live their life and conduct business the way he does definitely has something wrong with their heart, and only God can fix that.

As a side note, my sister also talked with one of his former business partners, Ashley, and he said Jeff is known for coming down to the wire. He also didn't want to tell why he and Jeff are no longer partners. All I have to say is Jeff runs business like other people from Chicago we've sadly had to get used to- Obama and Rahm Emanuel. That's not what our great country is about, and it's time people like them realize it.

Monetary Loss: $404.

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