Windy City Road Trips - Never got tickets from Jeff

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Everyone here has had the same experience as my husband and me. We bought Cardinals/49ers tickets back on Aug. 29, and didn't receive them the next week. I called Jeff and he said season tickets were sold in two halves, and since our tickets were for the 2nd half of the season, we could expect them at the end of Oct. Not being a frequent consumer for events like this and trusting that someone like him who deals with these things all the time, I believed him. My husband thought it was odd. Well, Oct. came and went but still no tickets. (In the meantime, we'd already told my sister and her family what they were getting for Christmas (the tickets), and they were floored. So excited!) I called Jeff. He said it was odd because he'd sent out all the other tickets from that particular group, and he didn't know what happened. (Wouldn't he realize he was missing tickets as he sent out all others?) He said give him a few days. We did, and it was hard getting a hold of him. He doesn't answer phones well, especially if he knows someone is getting close to discovering he's a FRAUD. Eventually, my SISTER got a hold of him- he didn't recognize her AZ phone number and picked up. He said he'd check on the order. She actually got a hold of him a second time, and he said he'd track down the tickets or upgrade to better. We believed him. Time was getting closer and closer to Nov. 29, and still no tickets. I called TicketZoom, and they were of no help. Cooper, a mini-supervisor there was COMPLETELY unsympathetic and washed his hands of the situation and wasn't willing to call Jeff's cell phone number for me since it was a Sunday and they'd already left a message on Jeff's office phone. The Friday before the game, I spoke to John at TicketZoom, who is just a regular customer service rep, but he will forever be my favorite. He was so understanding and kind, talked to his supervisor Jackie who already knew of our situation. They were still unsuccessful in trying to reach Jeff as he was obviously now screening their calls as well, and TicketZoom told me they had pulled all of his inventory off their website. That was great for potential customers, but didn't help me get tickets for my family. Cooper, the *** mini mentioned before, told me TicketZoom wouldn't get me new tickets until the day of the game if I still hadn't received Jeff's.

Well, we never did hear from Jeff the thief. My husband and now unemployed and Jeff would've made off with over $400 if CapitalOne hadn't refunded our $. TicketZoom got us more tickets from a seller named AFM Tickets (they were great sellers), and TZ gave us a discount as well. The tickets were e-tickets, and after all we'd been through, with Jeff telling he could get us e-tickets as well, we were nervous the whole day. I had my sister on the phone while they were in the security line waiting to to into the stadium, nervous that the tickets would end up being fakes or something. The happy ending is that our family got in, my sister got to watch Steve Young broadcast for MNF, and they all got to enjoy their first football game together, with my sister and niece rooting for the 49ers, and my brother-in-law and nephew cheering on their Cardinals.

My husband and I have both left Jeff messages, telling him he's a crook, thief, and liar. And we don't know how he can live with himself stealing from people. We've also told him we'll be praying for him, because someone that can live their life and conduct business the way he does definitely has something wrong with their heart, and only God can fix that.

As a side note, my sister also talked with one of his former business partners, Ashley, and he said Jeff is known for coming down to the wire. He also didn't want to tell why he and Jeff are no longer partners. All I have to say is Jeff runs business like other people from Chicago we've sadly had to get used to- Obama and Rahm Emanuel. That's not what our great country is about, and it's time people like them realize it.

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Windy City Road trips

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I purchased two chicago blackhawk tickets on Oct 21st for a Dec 30th, 2010 game.I spoke with Jeff once and was reassured that the tickets would come by Dec 1st.

Now I have contact who was the web-site I bought them from and I am told they are out of business. This company not only charge my credit card $400 but now I have no tickets or Christmas present for my husband or son. This company is a scam. Believe the people who never received their tickets.

I am so angry I can't see straight.How can someone take that much money and not send the tickets?????

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Hey everyone.I was also a victim of Jeff's scams.

I purchased Backstreet Boys/ NKOTB tickets back in November. It's March and I still haven't gotten the tickets. His line is disconnected, and when I tried calling another number, his father answered!!!! He said he fired Jeff 14 months ago because of what his son was doing.

I also went to the address he has listed as his place of business.

It's vacant!I also called my credit card company, and they told me to contact the police and also file a small claims report.


Jeff Sprenger and Windy City Roadtrips got $700 from me on 2 Bpn Jovi tickets They were a Christmas gift for my wife.Luckliy I got tickets from Stub Hub and all was not lost except I had to pay for tickets twice.

He is a scam and I am looking at contacting the Chicago PD.What he has committed is fraud and with all the money he has scammed from people it is a major felony.


I purchased Kesha tickets from Jeff for my daughter for Christmas.He was supposed to send them the week after tickets...will not answer his phone or return my numerous emails.

I contacted where I purchased the tickets and they told me they couldn't get a hold of him either and to dispute the charges with my bank.

I did this and they put the money back into my account right away and are going after him to get the money that he took from me.Contact your bank/credit card company...they WILL help you get your money back from this wretched person!!

Westcliff-On-Sea, England, United Kingdom #222863

I bought tickets for a Bears game and never received my tickets. Please let me know if you find out if anything can be done. Is there a way to take this guy to court, he obviously has the money he took from everyone.



I bought tickets on Oct 23rd for a December 26 games and have yet to receive them as well.I was also charged over $400 for them on the credit card.

Big Fraud.What can we do?

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Windy City Road Trips - Didn't receive tickets to football game

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I placed an order for tickets to a college football game on Oct 26 through When I received my order confirmation it said the tickets would be sent to me by Nov 15 from Windy City Roadtrips. I contacted Jeff at Windy City Roadtrips on Nov 15 when I didn't receive them and was told that the school was late sending them out. He said I should receive them about a week before the game.

On Nov 22 I called Jeff because I hadn't received the tickets for the Nov 27 game. He said he hadn't received them yet and if he received them by Nov 23 he would overnight them so I would have them by Wednesday or provide me with better seats. I called him on Nov 24 to find out status of tickets and he didn't answer his phone. I called several times throughout the day and no one answered. I didn't call on Thursday because it was a holiday, but did try Friday morning, the day before the game and still no answer. It is now Monday, Nov 29 and still no tickets.

I did contact and they told me there was nothing they could do, I would need to dispute charges with my credit card company. Whatever you do, do not order tickets directly from Windy City Roadtrips or indirectly from as they are continuing to do business with him. This was my first time ordering tickets for a game and can't believe I fell for such a scam on my first try.

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Windy City Road Trips - No satisfaction from Windy City for Tickets

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I found out who runs this company--Jeff Sprenger--his home email is His phone numbers are: 312-654-8655 and 847-642-9600 and 847-843-9006. He lives at 520 West Huron Street, No 116, Chicago, IL 60654.

He also goes by the name of Chicago Ticket Authority--I think he runs it with his dad--please take the time to contact your local paper if you live in Chicago and try to expose this person for what he is.

They never answer the phone, emails or anything--It is just a shell organization that takes hundreds if not thousands of dollars and keeps your money.

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I was frauded also. Supposed to get Bonjovi Tickets. So sad , what a terrible person.


Jeff has commited so many cases of FRAUD. Taking peoples Money $$$$$ and Not Delivering Tickets that Customers Paid For


Windy City Tickets is a THIEF.

Jeff will not deliver your tickets or offer refund if he does not ship out tickets.

Visa & MasterCard are in the process of investigating him for FRAUD.


His Father Fired Him over a year ago because he was not sending out tickets that he sold. He does this often & ticket master will not allow him to sell on thier site anymore as of 12/8/2010


Jeff Sprenger is on his own now. He quit working for his dad and Chicago Ticket Authority a year ago. Jeff IS Windy City Tickets.


i can't believe this is still going on, today is dec 1, the game is dec3, the windy city tix never picks up. when i contacted onlineseats they said they could not do anything. don't ever use them either for tickets

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Windy City Road Trips - I am another ripped off customer

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I ordered hockey tickets in Sept--it is now november and no tickets--He never answers his phone--closed for Veteran's day--spent a fortune--I called his number--no answer.

Does anyone know where this loser really lives and what his real name is so that we can sue him ordered on 9.29 and still have no penguin tickets

This is a complaint against Windy City Road Trip

Can someone help me out there who dealt with this guy and help me get my money back--$500 bucks Thanks for all your help my email is


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I purchased KNOTB/BSB tickets through Jeff in November.It is now March and I still don't have the tickets.

I contacted his father who said that Heff hasn't worked for him in 14 months. I also called ticketmaster to see if they could do anything. They said they never heard of the guy, and that I was scammed.

However, I think ticketmaster should take some responsibility regarding this matter since I purchased the tickets in November, and it wasn't until December that they decided not to let Jeff sell things on their website.So now, I have to go to the police and report fraud, and I also have to go file a small claims report in the city.


I spent over $300 on two tickets to the Bears game and never received my tickets.I also would like to know how to get my money back.

Please contact me if you find out. I have emailed and called 'Jeff' from Windy City Road Trip several times. I can't believe this happened.

The tickets were purcahsed as gifts for my parents and the never received them and had plans all set up to attend the game.My email address is


Windy City Road Trips - Waited 2.5 months for tickets i didnt order

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Not resolved I purchased Rogers Waters Tickets from Windy City Road Trips on May 17 2010.I received a call a few days later from the only employee there and he stated the tickets will be sent out and received by me mid-June.

July rolled around and I started trying to get in contact with the company to find out where my $270 tickets were at. After 4 calls with no response I decided to email the company. With no response from the company from any previous attempts I tried 1 more time to make the call. Finally he answered.

He told me that he didn't know where my tickets were he would have to look into it and get back in touch with me. Okay so I waited another week and he got back in touch with me. Told me that my tickets still have not gotten to him and he could give me isle seats of the same section they would be in my hands 7/24 or 7/26. My tickets arrived on 7/31 and were not even the right tickets.

When I called the president of the company to ask what he could do for me because of such the run around he told me I could send the tickets back and he could refund me partial price for them. Well since we still want to see probably the last show that was not an option so he tells me there is nothing he could do for me. The company does not provide the service that you the consumer is paying for.

I would not recommend this company to anyone.Beware if buying from them.

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Windy City Road Trips is a SCAM!They never shipped the tickets for the SEC Championship game on Dec 4th.

They Referenced a tracking number from FED EX, but all Windy City Roadtrips did was print a lable with a tracking number assigned. It doesn't mean it shipped! FEDEX was never called to pick up the letter. I have been unable to get anyone to answer the phone except Ashley Ticket Authority and they told me that Jeff used to work there about a year ago.

They told me he has not been fulfilling his orders.

NO one will respond to emails, messages NOR anser the phone.I'm filing a police report today for credit card theft and going to my credit card company bank with the paperwork.


Was reading the other post last sorry and good luck


I wast even sure I had the number anymore did some searching and found it for ya. wouldn't surprise me none that they are giving out wrong numbers or I should say he. here you go bliss hope it helps and you don't have troubles good luck.3126499511


What number did you call to get in contact with the person? I'm trying to contact them about tickets for a 10/31 concert which I still have not received and the contact number is not going through



Sorry to read about your bad experience.I have purchased tickets for many events both in Chicago and Florida and have never had a problem.We always had great seats and

service as promised.

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