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5 comments I purchased Rogers Waters Tickets from Windy City Road Trips on May 17 2010.I received a call a few days later from the only employee there and he stated the tickets will be sent out and received by me mid-June.

July rolled around and I started trying to get in contact with the company to find out where my $270 tickets were at. After 4 calls with no response I decided to email the company. With no response from the company from any previous attempts I tried 1 more time to make the call. Finally he answered.

He told me that he didn't know where my tickets were he would have to look into it and get back in touch with me. Okay so I waited another week and he got back in touch with me. Told me that my tickets still have not gotten to him and he could give me isle seats of the same section they would be in my hands 7/24 or 7/26. My tickets arrived on 7/31 and were not even the right tickets.

When I called the president of the company to ask what he could do for me because of such the run around he told me I could send the tickets back and he could refund me partial price for them. Well since we still want to see probably the last show that was not an option so he tells me there is nothing he could do for me. The company does not provide the service that you the consumer is paying for.

I would not recommend this company to anyone.Beware if buying from them.

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Windy City Road Trips is a SCAM!They never shipped the tickets for the SEC Championship game on Dec 4th.

They Referenced a tracking number from FED EX, but all Windy City Roadtrips did was print a lable with a tracking number assigned. It doesn't mean it shipped! FEDEX was never called to pick up the letter. I have been unable to get anyone to answer the phone except Ashley Ticket Authority and they told me that Jeff used to work there about a year ago.

They told me he has not been fulfilling his orders.

NO one will respond to emails, messages NOR anser the phone.I'm filing a police report today for credit card theft and going to my credit card company bank with the paperwork.


Was reading the other post last sorry and good luck


I wast even sure I had the number anymore did some searching and found it for ya. wouldn't surprise me none that they are giving out wrong numbers or I should say he. here you go bliss hope it helps and you don't have troubles good luck.3126499511


What number did you call to get in contact with the person? I'm trying to contact them about tickets for a 10/31 concert which I still have not received and the contact number is not going through



Sorry to read about your bad experience.I have purchased tickets for many events both in Chicago and Florida and have never had a problem.We always had great seats and

service as promised.

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